The Zago Family are well known in Trentino for their commitment to entrepreneurship with the Villa Lagarina paper mill, but they also have a unique passion for the land. In fact, Lagertal is the new approach of someone who has realised that the ideal of a simple life in contact with the land is not necessarily incompatible with the classic dynamics of entrepreneurship. The land can be found in Reviano, in the heart of Vallagarina, in the German Lagertal, and extends over about 2 hectares at an altitude of 450/500 metres, where the vines have been growing since the early 2000s. The harvesting and working are carried out exclusively by hand, taking the greatest care and selecting only the best raw materials to ensure quality and balance in the final product.

Società Agricola Lagertal

Via Pesenti, 1
38060 Villa Lagarina (TN), Italia


Goldtraminer, whose versatility and characteristic scent of elderflower is outstanding, embraces the growing area. Justly savoury and persistent flavour.


Chardonnay with a straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections and an intense bouquet with notes of flowers and yellow fruit. Balanced and persistent flavour with a pleasant freshness.


A Pinot Noir with a light ruby red colour leaning towards garnet. An intense bouquet of red berries, currants and cherries. A dry flavour with sapidity and smoothness.