Casa del Vino della Vallagarina

Piazza S.Vincenzo, 1 - 38060 Isera (TN) Tel. 0464 486057-


The right setting is essential when tasting Vallagarina wines: for this reason, in 1999, the contributing partners began the search for an environment that shared the same harmonic feel as the Lagarini wines, finally identifying it in the historic Palazzo de Probizer, nominating it a "embassy of taste" and a showcase for the best wines. Redolent of history and tradition, the palace represents a space that brings out the best in each individual product, while enveloping the guest in a sequence of scents and flavours.

Vallagarina is the gateway to Italy, the embarkation point for the tourist who wishes to discover the true and genuine nature of the country. For those arriving from the north, it is the first real example of Italianity: it is here that the Habsburg influences that characterise Bolzano and Trento begin to give way to a more Venetian feel. For those coming from the south, Vallagarina represents the gateway to Trentino, the first impact with a truly unique and varied region. In this sense, the Casa del Vino offers a location where it is possible meet and discover the secrets of the cuisine, viticulture, history, the tradition of Trentino, and the Vallagarina in particular. It is easy to understand the importance of the Casa del Vino as a showcase for the entire Trentino region: the first stop on a path full of colours and flavours.


PRESIDENT: Marco Tonini
COUNSELLOR: Luca Salizzoni
COUNSELLOR: Mauro Baldessari
COUNSELLOR: Silvio Rosina
COUNSELLOR: Lucia Letrari
COUNSELLOR: Marco Tonini
COUNSELLOR: Giulio Larcher
COUNSELLOR: Giulio Prosser