Pedrotti Spumanti

Pedrotti is a historical brand in the wine production of Trentino. In 1928 Italo Emanuele’s son takes over the winery guided by his passion for the local territory he works for a continuous improvement in the quality of his wines. The same passion has been passed on to the third generation too: Paolo after his studies in enology initially devotes himself to the production of wine and later to the production of spumante. Today the sisters Donatella and Chiara run the company with the same passion and determination. Both are exclusively committed to the production of TrentoDOC - spumante Metodo Classico: the best expression of the local Terroir.

Pedrotti Spumanti

Via Roma, 4
Nomi (TN)
Tel: 0464 835111


A product that shows in its simplicity all the characteristics of a mountain sparkling wine produced according to the Champenoise Method in the Trentino’s Dolomites.Made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes this wine is your perfect aperitif thanks to its elegance freshness and a pleasant body obtained with a short maturation.


The essence of our mountains. We do not add any dosage to this wine as we want it to naturally express the great qualities of our territory which is particularly suitable for the production of Trentodoc Metodo Classico.


The black label recalls the color of the very first spumante produced by Pedrotti in 1979. The long maturation on lees and the blend of Chardonnay and Pinot noir give this spumante a complex structure. An eclectic product you can drink by itself or during a whole meal.


The Rosé is the most refined wine of the Pedrotti House. It is obtained from Chardonnay grapes and a small quantity of Pinot Noir (vinified as rosé). The long ageing on the yeasts and the well balanced blend make this sparkling wine particularly elegant. Its persistent aromas of yeasts and red fruits and its structured taste and freshness mix with a fine and persistent perlage and a very elegant bright pale ruby color.


The emblem of a wine passion that moves forward into the future without neglecting the past. Passion - the key of the entire Pedrotti’s production - becomes a symbol in this spumante. 111 years passed between 1901 when the great-grandfather Emanuele started its experience in the wine world and 2012 when this product was launched. 1+1+1 so 3 are the descendants who currently run the business each one with his own personality but all with a common intent: producing quality wines with great passion. This spumante is very elegant thank to the blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir without dosage. The long maturation on the yeasts for 6 years in the stillness of the cave lends to the wine a strong structure and character.