Isera Wine Cooperative

Founded in 1907, today, the Isera Wine Cooperative boasts more than 230 members who produce approximately 250 tonnes of grapes from an area of 200 hectares in an average year. The partners' excellent grapes are vinified under the guidance of expert wine-makers, who knowingly balance the advantages of new technologies with the wisdom of age-old traditions.

Isera Wine Cooperative

Isera (TN) Italia
Via al Ponte, 1

Tel. +39 0464 433795


This "special wine" is produced using the fascinating "classic method", which requires passion, a lot of skill, and a great deal of patience.


It is obtained from the homonymous Müller Thurgau grape variety through light cold maceration, followed by soft pressing of the grapes, and vinification in white at controlled temperatures.


The wine is a not especially bold straw yellow colour. The nose is distinctive, delicate and fruity (tropical fruit, pineapple and banana in particular), elegant and harmonious in the mouth. Ageing brings out notes of dried fruit.


This wine is obtained from the Marzemino grape variety using traditional vinification techniques.


It is derived from red Marzemino Superiore dicer grapes, grown on the basaltic soils of Marano d'Isera, which lend it its distinctive freshness and fragrance.