Dalzocchio Agricultural Firm

The Dalzocchio Agricultural Firm is located in a particularly attractive hilly location: the Bosco della Città di Rovereto. Established in 1979, it consists of 2 hectares of vineyard and 2 hectares of woods. The Pinot Noir wine produced by the Dalzocchio Agricultural Firm is obtained from certified organic grapes. No herbicides are used in the company's vineyards; the land is worked using green manure and hand ploughs like those our grandparents used. Vinification is carried out by natural fermentation on grape skins and stalks in oak barrels, without the addition of yeasts and enzymes, and without concentration.

Dalzocchio Agricultural Firm

Rovereto (TN) Italia
Via Vallunga II, 50

Tel. +39 333 9695989


Pressing is performed 'manually' and fermentation takes place without the addition of yeasts, in deference to the tradition, in order to enhance the full aroma of Pinot noir grapes.