Small, family-run organic wine business. Born in 2011, at the wish of Marco, a passionate winemaker, we have always known it as "Marco Tonini", the company whose wines bear on the label, in addition to his name, his very imprint. In 2023, this company, which has made itself known over the years, grew and decided to take a further step forward, leaving room for the new generation, even in a tangible way, by changing its name to "Tonini Viticoltori in Isera". The Tonini family is passionately dedicated to the cultivation of its vineyards on the sunny hills of Isera, in Vallagarina (Trentino), located between 200 and 800 metres above sea level, with particular attention to traditions and the environment, respectful of biological cycles and the balance of nature. Since 2013, the company has also reached the goal of organic certification and has immediately embarked on the path of wine production, respecting the land it loves, and reflecting the sincere soul of those who produce them: wines that are not reduced, but rather true, and with character.

TONINI di Tonini Filippo e Tonini Marco

Isera, Fraz. Folaso (TN) Italia
Via A. Rosmini, 8

Tel. +39 340 4991043 / +39 340 4991043 (Marco) / +39 366 4741289 (Filippo)


A classic method that reflects the decisive character of the territory, the mountains and the vineyards, where the grapes ripen. The long permanence on the lees, 60 months, offers the palate an almost salty, intriguing and citrusy product on the palate, the temperature change due to the altitude, generates a product rich in freshness, minerality and complexity.


Produced using Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes, from vineyards at altitudes of up to 800 m above sea level. A Trento DOC with character and freshness that leaves ample space for interaction between taste, smell and expression of the territory.


A wine obtained from the homonymous vine by means of traditional red wine making techniques, it is the most representative wine of the Vallagarina and Isera areas in particular, where it finds its ideal habitat on the dark, basaltic soils.