Considered the southern gate to the Trentino region from time immemorial, the Vallagarina, which crossed by the River Adige and caressed by the breezes from Lake Garda, represents a link between territories and civilizations. The Vivallis brand represents the century-old heritage of the Vallagarina Farmers' Union - Valli’s Agri Scarl. "VI" as in viticoltori (wine-growers), vite (vine), vino (wine) and vita (life); "VALLIS" in order to demonstrate the strong link with Latin culture and the roots of the valley's wine culture: the brand encapsulates the historical and passionate bond of work in the vineyard and cellar as an expression of the local territory Even today it continues to bear witness to the strength of its roots, dating back to 1908, since when it has been harvesting and transforming grapes from more than 700 hectares of vineyards, located in highly suitable areas, expertly cultivated by 730 members who are guided and advised by a well-prepared technical team of agronomists and wine-makers . Our goals are ambitious: to capture the culture, history and passion of the past in our wines and, through the use of advanced technology, to offer more modern content, while remaining a true and dynamic expression of the Vallagarina territory.


Nogaredo (TN) Italia
Via per Brancolino, 4

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It is obtained exclusively from Chardonnay grapes; its fine, fragrant bouquet is enlivened by an explosion of aromas: hints of lemon, lemon balm, sage, lavender and even mango and papaya.


It is obtained by careful white vinification of Müller Thurgau grapes from the Rio Romini vineyard in Riva di Vallarsa. The colours and aromas of this wine intertwine to produce clean, slightly spicy fragrances.


This autochthonous red variety is obtained by careful red vinification of Marzemino grapes, selected from the Fornax area.


Intense golden yellow. The fragrance of the fine, persistent bouquet opens with hints of acacia blossoms before incorporating fruity aromas of ripe and candied apricot. In the mouth it is sweet, honey-like, supported by a good acidity that enhances its sapid, mineral and crystalline taste.