Borgo dei Posseri

Our vineyards, set on sunny terraces, and tended with skill and determination, allow us to render the past an integral part of the future, while respecting both the land and the vine. We produce wines that try to tell a story, good to drink but also a source of joy.

Borgo dei Posseri

Ala (TN) Italia
Loc. Pozzo Basso

Tel. +39 0464 671899
+39 335 8390501


Classic Method Sparkling Wine: The youngest vintage, drinking it makes you feel important, the raw materials are of the highest quality, which means that we can do it too! It's fun to provoke ... so here's a mature sparkling wine obtained from ripe grapes.


The "Quaron" Müller Thurgau is a straw-yellow colour, with an intense fragrance that features notes of white flowers, white peach, apple.


The "Furiel" Sauvignon Blanc is a pale yellow colour with an intense and persistent fragrance featuring notes of elderberry flowers and passion fruit.


The "Paradis" Pinot Noir is produced from a selection of the best Pinot Noir grapes.


The "Rocol" Merlot features a ruby ​​red colour, with long, velvety fragrance and distinctive fruity notes. Full, harmonious, persistent flavour thanks to the use of Merlot grapes.