Revì Agricultural Firm

The Revì agricultural firm represents a micro-reality among the various elements that make up the wine-making panorama of the Trentino region. The company does not mass produce, but concentrates on the research for quality and those subtleties and nuances that contribute to the growth, prestige, reputation and consistency of Trento Spumante DOC. The company name is derived from the toponym of the local area, which is particularly suited to the production of the grapes used to obtain a superior quality wine: Re Vin ("King of Wines") Hence “Revì”.

Revì Agricultural Firm

Aldeno (TN) Italia
Via Florida, 10

Tel. +39 0461 843155


Elegant and refined at all times. Ideal as an aperitif, an eclectic meal wine, it will linger in the memory thanks to the harmony of the fruity and floral aromas. Three years of maturing, during which the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir reach the right degree of complexity, ensuring pleasant drinkability on every occasion.


Born out of the challenge of embodying a "millennium", we present Revì Dosaggio zero, the maximum expression of the Trentino area. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay led this TRENTODOC an important structure.


Rosewood, scents of the forest floor and small red fruits. In the mouth, the Pinot noir caresses the palate, finding free expression and enhancing its own charming virtues, accompanied by the Chardonnay.


Paladino Trentodoc is a sparkling wine with extremely fine, brilliant bubbles, intense, fruity and floral fragrances, well-defined notes, and distinctive, pleasurable aromas and fragrances.