Longariva Agricultural Firm

Our company is located in the heart of the Vallagarina area, between Rovereto and Isera, wine lands for par excellence, of which we are proud and proud vintners. Wine-making is our life's work, and we attach great importance to the respect for the environment and Nature's rhythms, combining our agricultural philosophy with innovations in agronomic technology.

Longariva Agricultural Firm

Rovereto (TN) Italia
Via R. Zandonai, 6

Tel. +39 0464 437200


This is a fun-loving, cheerful Chardonnay. Cool in every circumstance, it never goes unnoticed.


A light-hearted, mischievous conqueror, a true child of its time. This Pinot Grigio, which would not be out of place on any menu, seems to be aware of its uniqueness.


The Lagrein vine produces an intense, ruby ​​red wine. The nose is fruity with notes of vanilla notes, while it is dry, tannic and full-bodied on the palate. It is well suited for ageing in wood. The rosé vinification accentuates its characteristics of freshness and vivacity.


Cabernet Franc.
From garnet red to dark garnet red. Its fragrance is ethereal and persistent with faint hints of vanilla and the forest floor, while the flavour is harmonious, robust or persistent.


From garnet red to dark garnet red. Its fragrance is intense and persistent, with hints of vanilla Its flavour is pronounced, full, robust and persistent.