Spagnolli Wine-making Company

Our cellar was built in 1979 and is divided into three main areas: vinification-ripening-ageing (barrel cellar), bottling and bottle storage. Our motto is "good wine begins in the vineyard". For this reason we have always focused on the search for qualitatively and quantitatively balanced production, carefully selecting the best grapes from classic vines, both red and white, paying particular attention to the exposure and the ripening state of the different cultivars.

Spagnolli Wine-making Company

Isera (TN) Italia
Via G.B. Rosina, 4/A

Tel. +39 0464 409054


Vallagarina Nosiola is produced from the Nosiola grape, an autochthonous Trentino white variety.


Obtained from yellow Moscato grapes, after pressing and fermentation at controlled temperatures, it is finished in stainless steel tanks.


Obtained by the traditional technique of a partially drying the native Marzemino grapes of the lower Vallagarina, in order to improve their bouquet and texture.