Maso Roveri

Maso Roveri is a typical family-run farm, where vineyards have always been grown on the hill of Vò Sinistro d'Avio. The vineyards extend for about eight hectares in the hills. In total, the Anzelini family cultivates over 30,000 vines. Maso Roveri represents the passion and experience of people who have been cultivating the land with love, tending the vines with absolute respect for the natural environmental characteristics, and sorting the grapes scrupulously for generations.

Maso Roveri

Avio (TN) Italia
Masi, 23

Tel. +39 0464 684395


The grapes used to produce this wine are cultivated in "Prati Cerni" on a fertile, fresh, sandy valley floor, on "ancient", ungrafted vines, some of which were planted after the famous flood of 1882, when Trentino was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Preèri is a dry white, IGT Vineyards of the Dolomites, first produced following the 2008 harvest; it is fermented and matured in prestigious, toasted wood barrels. Floral hay and chestnut honey fragrances.


This is a wine that offers a rare power of expression: the dense colour presages an important body. The initial olfactory impact is austere, before a wide and varied spectrum of aromas are released.


This ruby red wine is the product of a marriage between great vines: the autochthonous Enantio that has always been cultivated at the foot of Monte Baldor, and the international Cabernet and Merlot varieties.